Defile cooldown
 Summon Val'kyr cooldown
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This game simulates one strategy for Lich King phase 2. The rules:
  1. Use arrow keys or WASD to join the group at (5) at first.
  2. The raid groups up at (5) or (6) for Val'kyr summons.
  3. The raid spreads away from the center for defiles, near-ish (1) or (3) on the left, or (2) or (4) on the right. The boss switches sides.
  4. The next defile or valkyr cast must wait for any current cast to finish.
The "score" bar keeps track of how many times you were in the right place at the right time (it also acts like a cast bar). Reload the page to try again!

This glosses over a lot of details to focus on positioning. It does not check if you run into an existing defile -- if you do that you need more than a game to diagnose your issues.

Credit for the map graphic goes to the internet, does anyone know the original source? Yahoo's YUI drives the animations. Schill's SoundManager2 makes the bleep, the sound itself comes from soundjay.com. For comments and Cataclysm beta invites (; please use the contact form on my Gear Wishlist site.